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Our company organises training courses focused not only on users who are new to Salesforce, but also those who want to gain a more in-depth knowledge and become Salesforce administrators or developers.

During a course lasting one, two or three days, our team of certified consultants will train you in the level of skills you choose in advance, given by the individual levels of the courses. Training is thus designed both for management positions, sales representatives or call centre workers, as well as for the IT Department, CRM support or those who want to engage in development and application of systems on a Salesforce platform in the future. We will however be happy to draw up a customised course to suit your required criteria and aims.

CRM and Salesforce Excitement Lecture / Level 1 Training

Published dates 4.3.2019, individual

An introductory training course focuses on presentation of CRM and Salesforce, as a set of tools for
support of marketing, sales or customer service.

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Salesforce Admin / Level 2 Training

Published dates 5.3.2019 - 6.3.2019, individual

Training which leads to creation of your own first Salesforce application and its subsequent improvement.

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Salesforce Development / Level 3 Training

Published dates 12.3.2019 - 14.3.2019, individual

Training devoted to Apex, integration, VisualForce, creation of packages, deployment of SF etc.

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Customer specific trainings / Level 4 Training

Published dates individual

A programme which we customise to suit your requirements and needs.

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